ECG T-Shirt

This project was my bachelor’s final project for electrical engineering. Over two semesters our group built a wearable device that used textile electrodes to collect an ECG signal and send the signal over Bluetooth to a custom android app. The android app performed noise reduction and plotted the real time data.

Personally I did all the hardware design which consisted of a custom PCB with an AD8232 analog front end to create the ECG signal, power circuitry, and a bluetooth microcontroller to transmit the signal. I designed the board in EAGLE and used a reflow oven to build the prototypes.

Our team won first place among the 40 teams in our department! I also expanded hardware to include an accelerometer and the system is currently being used by two NC State University research labs as a wearable platform for their wearable and textile research.

Our work was published in 2015 in the IEEE VCACS conference. PDF copy of paper.