A collection of various projects I’ve worked on over the years!

  • Soybean Leaf Segmentation

    For a semester project at the ETH Z├╝rich as part of my masters in 2018, I worked on soybean leaf segmentation for the crop science group. Crop scientists are interested in using machine learning techniques to improve crop phenotyping by making automated systems to classify growth of plants in real-world conditions. Crop phenotyping is used … Continue reading "Soybean Leaf Segmentation"

  • Image Segmentation

    For a quantitative imaging course at ETH Zurich, I had the opportunity to work on an ultrasound segmentation project. The goal was to extract a region of interest (ROI) from an ultrasound image of a tendon. The tendons were either from the bicep or the supraspinatus in the upper arm, and were used to compare … Continue reading "Image Segmentation"

  • ECG T-Shirt

    This project was my bachelor’s final project for electrical engineering. Over two semesters our group built a wearable device that used textile electrodes to collect an ECG signal and send the signal over Bluetooth to a custom android app. The android app performed noise reduction and plotted the real time data. Personally I did all … Continue reading "ECG T-Shirt"

  • Robotic Control using Proprioception

    In 2015 I had the opportunity to work at the Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School as a summer student on a human robotic interface project. Along with two other students we explored ways of building a more intuitive control interface for a human to control a robot. We were building our device around the idea … Continue reading "Robotic Control using Proprioception"

  • Insect Stimulation

    As part of my research position in the iBionics lab at NC State University I built a complete neurophysiological insect experiment platform. We were interested in studying how electrical stimulation effects the flight muscles of an insect (specifically Manduca sexta Moth) and how the flight of the insect could be controlled. I built a custom … Continue reading "Insect Stimulation"

  • Signal Amplifier

    Through the Los Alamos Summer School, I had the opportunity in January/February 2016 to work as a guest researcher at Chonbuk National University in Jeonju, South Korea. I was only able to be in the lab for a month, but I was able to design, build, and test a high voltage signal conditioner and amplifier … Continue reading "Signal Amplifier"